September Update

Schedules Unchanged (for Now)

We expect the Spruce Ave. connector to Church St. to open very soon. Until then, Gertie will continue the current schedules...

As of September 7, children up to age 12 will ride free.
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Tell RDN Transit What You Think

RDN Transit is conducting a Transit Redevelopment Strategy and they want to know what you think about how they can make Nanaimo’s Transit better. This project is designed to create a 5-year plan to redevelop Transit within the Region to…

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Happy 8th Anniversary, Gertie

Eight years have flown by since Gertie began bus service on June 8, 2013! Since we can’t yet have a party with a big cake, Gertie will give you a gift instead: free bus service on Saturday, June 12 all…

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