New! Gertie Alerts

Wondering whether there are schedule changes or other news that you don’t want to miss? Sign up for Gertie Alerts and be the first to know what’s new.

In these uncertain times, GERTIE must respond to changing circumstances but getting the word out quickly to our riders is challenging. Now you can be the first to know of any changes.

Sign up for Gertie Alerts with a click here.

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New Summer Schedule

Download Schedule PDF
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Happy 7th Anniversary, Gertie

On June 3rd, 2013, Gertie went into service with volunteer bus drivers. Now, 7 years later, during a situation we could not have foreseen, Gertie continues to serve our community faithfully. Given that situation, we cannot hold a celebration, so enjoy a slice of this magnificent virtual cake. Yummy!

To keep Gertie drivers and passengers as safe as possible, Gertie has been operating without charging fares for the last 10 weeks. When you’ve finished enjoying your cake, could you take a minute more to go to Support and send Gertie a donation? Thank you.

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Bus fares required again

Starting on Monday, June 1, 2020 you will need to pay your fare to ride on Gertie once again. Please use tickets or passes rather than cash. Tickets and passes are for sale at Nester’s and the Co-op.

Fare collection was suspended for April and May to help minimize contact with Gertie drivers. To help protect the driver and fellow passengers, we strongly encourage you to wear a mask while on the bus. Masks are available on the bus at no charge. If you wear one, others are likely to do so too.

Gertie would be grateful for donations to help defray the expenses of providing bus service at this time. To donate, go to Support.

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Gertie Schedule Update

On Monday morning, May 25, 2020 Gertie will be running on a modified morning schedule.

The first A run (Silva Bay express) will be arriving at the ferry at 7:20. The bus will then go out to Twin Beaches and return to the ferry for 7:35. The second B run (to Hemlock mailboxes) will run as usual.

To see the detailed schedule:

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Important Schedule Update

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Gertie Schedule Update and Free Rides

Effective immediately, and for the next two weeks at least, GERTIE will not be charging fares.  We want to limit the interaction between riders and drivers. Please keep your distance from the driver, and from each other while on the bus.  

Effective Monday, and for the next two weeks at least, the Saturday
afternoon schedule will apply on all afternoons (Monday to Saturday).  This means that we will still meet the 3:45 and 5:10 pm ferries, but that only one bus will be on, and it may take a little longer for some of you to get home. 

The morning and mid-day bus times remain the same for now.   GERTIE is committed to providing service to Gabriolans who depend on it, for as long as it is practical, and for as long as our drivers remain safe.

We will continue to assess our schedule over the coming weeks and
will make adjustments as necessary.
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Gertie’s Still on the Road

Gertie is still operating on the regular schedule. We know you depend on Gertie to get to work, to the ferry, or to the village for shopping and other errands. GERTIE drivers are dedicated to serving you.

GERTIE bus service will be discontinued IF BC Transit in Nanaimo is discontinued.

If there is illness on the island, GERTIE may consider discontinuing or reducing service.

Should it become necessary to reduce service, we will post notice here and on Facebook.

In the meantime, we are doing our best to keep all our riders and drivers safe. After every shift, drivers will be disinfecting all commonly touched surfaces such as door handles, grab bars, fare boxes, tops of seats, etc. We will also be continuing our regular cleaning and sanitizing.

You can help too. Please, do not ride the bus if you are feeling unwell from any cause. Wash your hands regularly. Spread yourselves out as much as possible on the bus.

Gertie thanks you. Be well!

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Gertie will get you there and back on March 8, 2020

Once again, Gertie will be taking participants to the Gabriola Talks: Climate Crisis Action Strategies event at the Community Hall on Sunday, March 8, 2020. Donations always appreciated!

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Scheduled stops at the Medical Clinic

Gertie now makes regular stops at the Medical Clinic for drop-offs and pick-ups.

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