GERTIE Needs Your Voice

Please help GERTIE make her voice louder and stronger. Send a message to the candidate(s) of your choice asking them what they will do if elected to ensure that GERTIE gets her share of the federal money sent to the provinces to support public transit during the pandemic. GERTIE has spoken to our current MLA and has had several meetings with MOTI but to no avail. Ask for a prompt response.  Even if you have already voted by mail, please shout out for GERTIE.

Chris Istace (Green)
Duck Paterson (Liberal)
Doug Routley (NDP)

Talking points:

  • As an essential service, GERTIE has been operating throughout the pandemic.
  • Following the lead of Translink and BC Transit, GERTIE operated for 10 weeks during the early stages without collecting fares.
  • Passenger loads have been averaging around 45% of last year’s figures.
  • Charter revenue is virtually wiped out.
  • 40% of GERTIE’s annual revenue comes from fares, charters, donations and small grants.
  • GERTIE is currently in service about 66 hours a week, excluding overtime from ferry delays.
  • The RDN funding from your property taxes is based on 48 hours of service weekly.
  • Unlike TransLink and BC Transit, community bus systems receive NO provincial funding.

Please help to keep GERTIE on the road. Let’s all shout together.

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