Gertie Schedule Update and Free Rides

Effective immediately, and for the next two weeks at least, GERTIE will not be charging fares.  We want to limit the interaction between riders and drivers. Please keep your distance from the driver, and from each other while on the bus.  

Effective Monday, and for the next two weeks at least, the Saturday
afternoon schedule will apply on all afternoons (Monday to Saturday).  This means that we will still meet the 3:45 and 5:10 pm ferries, but that only one bus will be on, and it may take a little longer for some of you to get home. 

The morning and mid-day bus times remain the same for now.   GERTIE is committed to providing service to Gabriolans who depend on it, for as long as it is practical, and for as long as our drivers remain safe.

We will continue to assess our schedule over the coming weeks and
will make adjustments as necessary.
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