How we are doing

On May 1, 2016 Gertie’s Bus Service transitioned from a three year pilot project to a taxpayer funded public transit system. We are gathering information about ridership – how many, who, how satisfied they are with the service. We are also collecting information about how financially feasible a bus service is on Gabriola, the process of creating a community bus service, and how this service reduces greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the myriad of other unexpected consequences.

Ridership Statistics

In 2016, GERTIE carried 13, 840 passengers. Of those, 3,314 were youths, almost 25% of the ridership. There were 154 dog trips and 296 bicycle trips. We have carried over 46,000 passengers on our regular runs from June 2013 to mid January, 2017.

In 2017, GERTIE carried 15, 640 passengers, a substantial increase over the previous year. Youth ridership declined a bit but there were more child riders. There were 245 dog trips and 316 bicycle trips. We have carried 61,680 passengers on our regular runs from June 2013 to the end of 2017. For a more detailed examination of the statistics, view gertie-stats-2-2017

Gertie riders 2016 chart is a graph which shows the passenger loads monthly over 2016. You can see that our ridership peaks in June and September when there are seasonal riders and tourists as well as youth attending school.

This chart shows the ridership numbers for March to August 2017:

We are maintaining a steady ridership.

Riders per Hour

18 Responses to How we are doing

  1. John Hodgkins says:

    That’s a really promising start – and I’m sure the figures will grow as the service becomes established.

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  3. Joyce White says:

    I have had the pleasure of riding Gertie and am impressed with the service and the cheerful volunteer drivers. My congratulations to all who have made this possible. Joyce White

  4. mjcmac says:

    I thought I had already posted but I don’t see it…Just in case it was lost in cyberspace, I will say it again…BIG THANKS TO THE VOLUNTEER DRIVERS BECAUSE YOU’RE DOING GREAT! The Gertie service has made life easier for our one-car family of five living on the South end. Commuting is now more affordable and more environmentally friendly. We sincerely appreciate the time you have dedicated to this project Gertie team!

    -Miranda Culbertson

  5. Thank you again! The Gertie is always a pleasant way to start the day! (riders included 🙂

  6. Joyce White says:

    Gertie is a reliable service, usually on time. Now that I no longer drive she helps me maintain my independence. Joyce White

  7. Charlotte says:

    I find one aspect of the online schedule confusing. The section that lists days of the week appears as follows: Tues-Thurs- Sat. Does this mean :
    Tues, Wed, Thurs & Sat (not Fri)
    OR : Tues, Thurs & Sat only
    OR : Tues through Sat
    OR : Tues, not Wed, then Thurs through Sat.
    In other sections the dash indicates ‘through’ as in M-F
    Thanks for the clarification

  8. Helen says:

    Suggest that the schedule be printed and posted at the ferry terminal in Nanaimo and on the bulletin boards on the boat.

  9. Dave and Diane Hepper says:

    Dave and Diane Hepper are in favour of a taxed system to create the necessary operating funds.
    Also, that there be an across board levy, not relating to property values, that way, those that need the system least ( more wealthy ?) will not be penalized and will be encouraged to participate with the users.

    As recently arrived Gabriolan’s, we have no knowledge of the founders efforts to commission the bus service, but applaud the service that exists, and respectively suggest that the bus fleet may be operated at less cost, and more environmentally friendly, by conversion to an alternative fuel (Propane being the most logical)

    This service is a flagship enterprise in the direction that the whole world is moving, and no effort should be spared to retain it, advance it, and move it to the highest level.

    Dave and Diane Hepper.

    • fayweller says:

      We really appreciate your support for Gertie.
      We will check with the RDN regarding the potential for an across-the-board levy, although our understanding to date is that that isn’t an option.
      With respect to fuel we are currently using up to 50% waste vegetable oil (we mix it with diesel). This reduces the GHG emissions (WVO is carbon neutral) and it doesn’t cost anything (although it does require volunteer time). We are hoping to continue exploring other alternative fuels, including propane and the potential of powering the buses with electricity in the future.

  10. Kathy Gurr says:

    This morning’s driver on Gertie A1 and A2 is running fast by 5 + minutes. Went by Stokes and South Road at 8 am. I needed that and saw it whiz by as I was riding up to my stop.

    If new driver remind them of timekeeping and common flag stops along the route.

  11. Tim Cosbey says:

    today’s driver from the 11:55 ferry refused to take me up Harrison when requested, although all the schedules I see online and on the ferry say the bus goes up Harrison from the 11:55 ferry by request. He told me I had the schedule wrong and he wasn’t going to go up Harrison. I am trying to fit the bus into my regular commute as much as possible but scenarios like this have me rethinking relying your service.

    • gabcombus_admin says:

      I just checked with the coordinator and he offers his apologies. Apparently the driver’s sheet does not show requests stops on Harrison but the schedule does. This will be changed so that all drivers are aware that Harrison is a stop on that route. We do apologize.

  12. Jim Bowman says:

    I am an occasional user. I do appreciate the service and hope it is viable long term. Today the yellow route missed its scheduled 4:29 Haven loop, the consequence of which was missing me as I walked up Malaspina Drive to catch the bus on the corner at TB Rd. Instead it sped by on TB (right about on schedule for the Haven stop) leaving me waving about twenty paces from the corner. Perhaps the driver felt there would be no riders there, but I do expect the bus to make those small side trips when it is shown on the schedule. As I have good luck hitchhiking and got a quick ride to the village, no harm done, but the bus lost one fare (possibly others were missed).

  13. Jim Bowman says:

    For some strange reason my comment is shown as posted early Sunday AM (1:35) when it was actually posted Saturday at 6:35 PM. Hmmmm!

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