Important Schedule Update

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  1. Erica Jackson says:

    To be a true community service, when will you be servicing the routes you have not serviced in the past due to bad roads, roads that are now excellent? For instance, up Ferne from South Road to provide service to people along Ferne, Hesse, and Coats.

    I cannot take the bus due to my home being high up. I would have to walk down and up the very long and steep Ferne hill to and from South Road. This has been a concern since the start of Gertie’s service, which can now be expanded to included more of the community because of road improvement.

    • gabcombus_admin says:

      Hi Erica,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      Our service is not limited by road quality but primarily by our budget. As it is (on the regular service) we offer many more hours of service than we are funded for by the RDN property tax grant.

      We offered service up Ferne around Hesse and Coats for a number of years because the route was not serviced by the school bus. As you can imagine, it was terribly hard on the old buses. Virtually no-one else used the bus and even the school children often made alternative arrangements so we discontinued the service.

      If there were a sufficient number of people on that route who requested service and promised to use it, we might consider doing so again.


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