It’s Gertie’s Anniversary

Party Hats Optional!

Celebrate with Gertie! It’s our 9 th birthday which you can celebrate with us by riding free all day
on Wednesday June 15 th, party hats optional. Just hum Happy Birthday as you get on the bus.

Well, maybe it’s actually our anniversary given that the idea of GERTIE is quite a bit older than
that. How quickly the years have slipped by since GERTIE began regular operations in June
2013 with volunteer drivers on a schedule that was considerably reduced from the present one.
Do you remember Thomas, the yellow school bus, trusty, rattling Blanche, the Sprinters, Gertie
Noir and Stealth Gertie?

No cake this time but we look forward to celebrating our 160 th thousand passenger in the not-too-
distant future. Now that will warrant a really big cake and celebration!

Thank you to all of you, our riders, for keeping our wheels turning, through thick and thin,
stormy weather or sunny days.