30 for Gertie


GERTIE is just $6000 short of what we need to match government funding for another new bus! With your help we can reach our goal over 30 days in October. Let’s put that new bus under GERTIE’s Christmas tree!


Each day we’ll share a fun GERTIE fact. That’s 30 amazing things about GERTIE that you may never have thought about. Test your knowledge and take the survey by going to Quiz. The answer for each question will be posted the following day so keep checking in here or on Facebook (gertie.ongabriola).

Build a Bus for GERTIE

Want a piece of the action!? You can buy a part to build a bus by going to Build a Bus. How about purchasing a fan belt or a wheel and tire? Buy yourself or get together with your friends or co-workers. Does it matter if we have 6 headlights or other extra parts? No, it’s always good to be prepared with spares! Be sure to indicate when you make your donation what part you are purchasing. We’ll post a notice in our new bus listing all those who helped to build it.