Build a Bus


Buy a part yourself or get together with friends to buy. We’ll post a sign in the new bus listing all the builders of the new bus. You can remain anonymous if you prefer.

Bus component Cost Your Name (s) will go here
Fenders (4) $400 each
Fuel tank $600
Spark plugs (8) $20 each  Tracy Begg  Xanon Jensen

Melinda Wilde

Rosemary Neads

Wheel and tire (4) Fund $500 each
Passenger seat (20) $250 each  Andy Rollerson

Laura Jean Grootveld

Rob Cameron

Carol Hemrich

Gina Skillings

Driver’s seat (1) Fund $850 Graeme Brown

Joan Emer

Claire Dineen

Mirrors (3) $200 each  Fay Weller
Headlights (2) $45 each  Lisa Kadonaga

Lawrence Spero

Steering wheel (1) Fund $700
Fare box (1) $175  Peter ter Weeme
Radio (1) $600
Fan Belt (1) $75  Debra Hollett
Bike rack $750  Charlotte Cameron
Decals $400

Go shopping, go to Support. Don’t forget to specify what part you would like to buy.