Two off island transportation blogs mention today’s referendum:

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Thanks for all of the “I’m voting for GERTIE” messages. Here’s one more:

One more reason why GERTIE must carry on:

I will be supporting GERTIE in the referendum. I am a thirty-five year resident and a homeowner. My self-interest in the continuation of the bus service is that I want to be able to stay in my community as long as possible. As I age and drive less (or reach the point when I can no longer drive) I see GERTIE as a viable option for maintaining my independence, i.e. shopping for groceries, seeing friends, going to the medical clinic, volunteering, participating in community life.

I very much want to see GERTIE continue. Let’s build upon the tremendous amount of volunteer work that has brought us to this point. Gabriola may not have another chance to develop a public transportation system for a very long time.

Carol Billyard