Gertie’s Still on the Road

Gertie is still operating on the regular schedule. We know you depend on Gertie to get to work, to the ferry, or to the village for shopping and other errands. GERTIE drivers are dedicated to serving you.

GERTIE bus service will be discontinued IF BC Transit in Nanaimo is discontinued.

If there is illness on the island, GERTIE may consider discontinuing or reducing service.

Should it become necessary to reduce service, we will post notice here and on Facebook.

In the meantime, we are doing our best to keep all our riders and drivers safe. After every shift, drivers will be disinfecting all commonly touched surfaces such as door handles, grab bars, fare boxes, tops of seats, etc. We will also be continuing our regular cleaning and sanitizing.

You can help too. Please, do not ride the bus if you are feeling unwell from any cause. Wash your hands regularly. Spread yourselves out as much as possible on the bus.

Gertie thanks you. Be well!

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Gertie will get you there and back on March 8, 2020

Once again, Gertie will be taking participants to the Gabriola Talks: Climate Crisis Action Strategies event at the Community Hall on Sunday, March 8, 2020. Donations always appreciated!

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Scheduled stops at the Medical Clinic

Gertie now makes regular stops at the Medical Clinic for drop-offs and pick-ups.

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Snow Update

As of 7 am Feb 4 buses are still running. Expect delays and possible cancellations if weather does not improve.

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Party Time!

The 100,000th passengers stepped aboard Gertie on Wednesday morning, January 22, 2020.

We’re having a party at noon on Saturday, January 24th at the Gertie bus stop at the village to celebrate and you are invited. We’ll be awarding our mystery passenger with a nice basket of goodies and cutting a big cake in honour of our redoubtable Gertie! Come and have a slice to help us celebrate.

100,000 passengers since June 2013. I wonder how many trips around the island that is?

See you there!

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The Countdown is On: Update

Getting closer!

As of Saturday, January 11, the count is 99,546.

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Snow Day

Gertie Service Cancelled

Update: For the sake of road safety and chance to stay home:

No Buses for the rest of the day

Gertie Service has been cancelled for the morning and possibly the rest of the day. Check back for updates later.

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The Countdown is on!

Will you be the 100,000th passenger to board a GERTIE bus?

Yes, as of January 5, 2020, Gertie has carried 99, 131 riders on the regular schedule since beginning service in mid-June 2013. We broke through the 20,000 benchmark this past year with 20,604 riders in 2019.

Get ready for a big party soon when we’ll celebrate our 100,000th passenger and all of Gertie’s riders and supporters.

Keep checking here for updates!

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Be Safe! Ride Gertie on New Year’s Eve

Gertie will be running all evening long on New Year’s Eve to keep you and others safe on our roads. Gertie will be going to the Vision 2020 celebration at the Community Hall as well as stopping at the Skol Pub, the Surf Pub, and the village. There is no charge but donations are always welcome.

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Gertie’s Going to the Spirit Feast

Enjoy the PHC’s Spirit Feast at the Community Hall on December 25th and travel with Gertie. The feast opens at 4:00 pm; dinner is served between 4:30 and 5:30.

Gertie is available by reservation only. Telephone 250-668-6809 or e-mail to reserve your place on the bus. The schedule will be arranged when GERTIE knows who is riding the bus. Donations are much appreciated.

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