GERTIE buses seating 14 passengers or more are available for charter when not in regularly scheduled service.

The minimum rate is 2 hours @ $85.00 an hour = $170.00. For example, a charter of a pickup and later return would be 4 hours (2 hours plus 2 hours) = $340.00.

A late evening bonus for drivers of $25.00 is required after 11 pm.

When the total time of the charter exceeds the booked time, the additional time will be billed on the invoice after the charter. A grace period of 15 minutes will be allowed.

A deposit of 25% of the booking must be paid on the receipt of the invoice to confirm the booked charter. The deposit will be returned if a notice of cancellation is received 48 hours before the date of the charter. Wedding charters must pay the balance in full two weeks before the scheduled date of the charter to confirm the charter. The balance owing including any extra charges as listed will be invoiced after the charter and is due upon receipt of the invoice. Wedding charters will be invoiced for any additional time after the charter.