Tickets and cash fare are for a one-way trip – transfers are possible within a 1 1/2 hour time period.

Cash Fares*(Credit/Debit Card Accepted)
Adults and Seniors$2.50
Youth (Grade K-12)$1.50
Children Under 6Free

*Please have the exact change ready. Drivers have no access to cash to make change for you. 

Tickets and Passes
10 x Adults$20
10 x Seniors$15
10 x Youth (Grade K-12)$10
Day Pass (Unlimited)$5 (Available on the Bus)
Monthly Pass Adults$40
Monthly Pass Seniors$30
Monthly Pass Youth$25

Passes and tickets are available at Nesters Market, Mid Island Co-op, and The Mortgage Centre (17 Church St., Nanaimo).

IMG_0828Photos from Bus Celebration May 5th

Winner of the book of Adult tickets (R)
Winner of the book of Senior tickets (bottom R)
The first bus pass purchase (bottom L)IMG_0831

3 Responses to Fares

  1. laura hardy says:

    This is a blessing for our community. Would you please consider the fact that young teenagers are not adults, don’t have full time jobs if any. This has always been a huge thorn in my side with B.C. Ferries. Why Do they have to pay adult prices??? Who does this cost fall on??? Families already struggling to make ends meet. Many who already can’t .I ask the people of this wonderful community project…could we please be the change (or part of it) we wish to see. What a fantastic example to show other communities and B.C. ferries. I’m not talking charity here. Just what is fair and should already be in place (at least in my, working my butt off for the past 14 yrs here on Gabriola, world) Thankyou all for your hard work…and your consideration in this matter!
    Sincerly, Laura hardy, and kids

  2. fayweller says:

    Hi Laura,
    Thanks for your comment – I realize the K – 12 isn’t clear – it means Kindergarten to Grade 12 so does include teenagers. Hope this helps.

  3. laura hardy says:

    Oh, I’m so happy to read this!!! Thankyou it helps alot…

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