Rider Information

Service hours

GERTIE operates daily except:

  • Sundays, and
  • Easter Monday and statutory holidays: (New Years Day (January 1), BC Family Day (2nd Monday in February), Good Friday (Friday before Easter Sunday), Victoria Day (Monday before May 25), Canada Day (July 1), British Columbia Day (first Monday in August), Labour Day (first Monday in September), Thanksgiving (second Monday in October), Remembrance Day (November 11), Christmas Day (December 25) and Boxing Day (December 26)

Bus Stops

(1)        GERTIE is a flag down bus system. Stand in a safe position on the shoulder of the   road where there is good visibility. When the bus is in view, wave your arm clearly enough to be seen by the driver. Use a flashlight when the light is low

(2)        There is a bus stop at the village centre near the corner of Lochinvar and North Road. There are bus shelters at Silva Bay, Twin Beaches and Thompson Rd. The bus will slow down at the shelters but not stop unless flagged down. At the ferry, the buses stop adjacent to the parking area. When the school bus waits for students returning on the 3:45 ferry leaving Nanaimo, the Silva Bay Express bus waits outside the Skol Pub as there is not room for three buses to wait.

(3)        The locations listed on the route maps are not bus stops but timing points to help riders determine the approximate time the bus will pass that point. Use the timing points immediately before and after your location to determine the time the bus will pass your location.

(4)        GERTIE always waits for the arrival of the ferries on the afternoon commuter runs even when they are running late. At other times of the day, the bus will wait for 10 minutes before proceeding on the route.

(5)        When boarding the bus at the ferry, please inform the driver where you would like to be dropped off. It may be necessary to remind the driver in a timely way of your requested stopping point.

(6)        The Passenger Transportation Board mandates that all passengers are seated on the bus.


(1)        If passengers attempting to board the bus are carrying open liquor or appear to be intoxicated, drivers have the right to refuse to permit them to board the bus. It is against the law to have open liquor in a motor vehicle. Disruptive behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated on the bus.

(2)        Please be mindful that drivers and riders may have allergies to perfumes.


(1)       At the discretion of the driver, clean and well behaved dogs may board all buses.  Each passenger may bring one dog on the bus.  All dogs must be on leash while on the bus. All dogs MUST sit on the floor for the safety of all and the cleanliness of the buses.

(2)       Dog owners/handlers wishing to bring dogs on GERTIE buses must abide by RDN bylaw 1066 which applies to the control of dogs within RDN Area B (Gabriola Island). Dangerous dogs (as defined by RDN bylaw 1066) will not be allowed on the bus.

(3)       Owners or handlers are fully responsible for their dogs. Where an incident involving a dog takes place, the owner is responsible.

(4)       Dog owners/handlers should keep their dog away from other bus riders, and should inform other riders if a dog is likely to be friendly or unfriendly.  Where possible, dog owners/handlers should leave the two front rows of seats available for passengers without dogs.

(5)       Very small dogs may be held on the owner or handler’s lap.  All other dogs MUST sit on the floor.

(6)       Dog owners/handlers should dry a wet dog before boarding the bus.  Muddy or smelly dogs (e.g., after rolling on dead animals) will not be allowed on the bus.

Lost and Found

Drivers will take items found on the bus to the GERTIE office at the Commons. Found items will be kept for 6 months. Please call 250 – 668 – 6809 or e-mail Gabriolacommunitybus@gmail.com to inquire about a lost item.