Tell RDN Transit What You Think

RDN Transit is conducting a Transit Redevelopment Strategy and they want to know what you think about how they can make Nanaimo’s Transit better.

This project is designed to create a 5-year plan to redevelop Transit within the Region to make it easier, efficient and effective to make transit your choice for transportation. In order to do this, they need input! If you ever use transit in Nanaimo please have your say.

A few items to get you started:

  1. This project is looking at all things Transit, from bus routes, schedules, service to new areas, connections, accessibility, design of the service and customer amenities at bus stops.
  2. This is Phase 1 of engagement so they want to receive feedback from as many sources as possible.
  3. The main project page includes several ways to be involved including a survey, interactive map, place for ideas and general project info:
  4. You can access the survey here:
  5. Phase 1 of engagement closes Friday, July 16, 2021